Забавное письмецо пришло. Я даже чуть не удалил его как спам.


This is Phade, creator of AnimeMusicVideos.org. I’ve noticed that you have
entered and uploaded a remaster of Kevin Caldwell’s «Engel» video. You have
done a good job of remastering the video. However, there are some issues
with the video that need to be remedied.

At about 2:49, the video switches from standard to widescreen aspect ratio.
However, this ratio is not preserved in your version of the video. Aspect
ratio is very important and must be preserved. In Premiere, you right click
the clip -> video options -> maintain aspect ratio.

Having the video listed under your member account is not acceptable. I am
willing to have your corrected version uploaded in the Proxy spot for that
video. You will be given official credit for remastering the video in the
video description. I can give you the FTP username/password for the Proxy
slot when you are ready.

This video is one of my favorites and having it done right is important to
me (and I’m sure important to Kevin). Thanks again for your hard work!


и мой ответ (Написал за 10 минут поэтому интересно как он будет мой английский разбирать хз. ^_^ It’s not my problem.):

Hi Phade. I know about wide screen problem. I try to explain why i make
that video like it looks now. I had 3 ways:
1) Make it like it Kevin did — but i realy
don’t think that he want’s to black borders appears in the up and down
border of the screen. He did in that way because he have EoE in small
resolution i think.
2) I actually have EoE in resolution that bigger than
my clip (800×450) and i try to use some effects to scale it on screen.
But all effects and options i try make some noise on video. Than I
asked questions on 2-3 forums, but no one advise was work …. (I used
Premiere 6.0)
3) Make it in way like it looks like now. Almost no one notice that
aspect ratio is crewd (I mean peoples who didn’t ever saw Evanglion),
just because in anime the proportion of objects do not static and they
changes in every scene.

If you wish so I can do this Video in the way like Kevin did. My
sources are gone …. But It’s not problem, because this moment it’s
fast to remake. Now I have Premiere 7.0 and I can try 2nd way.

And I think you already know that one more moment differs from Kevin
Video at 3:52. I still don’t know how Caldwell remove clock from right
bottom corner of the screen. I think only talk with Kevin can solve
this problem. =)

I can put my version of video on Proxy acc at any time, if video will
need some changes than I need more time. (I think 2-3 days).

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